Awasome Cake Recipe 321 References

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Awasome Cake Recipe 321 References. Mix the two cake mixes in a large zip top bag or the container of your choice. 1 cup butter or two sticks or 16 tablespoons ( i use sweet cream butter that is unsalted) 2 cups white granulated sugar.

Low Calorie 2Ingredient Microwave Mug Cake Simple Nourished Living
Low Calorie 2Ingredient Microwave Mug Cake Simple Nourished Living from

One mix must be angel food. Pour both cake mixes into a re sealable container. Drop on greased cookie sheet and flatten with fork dipped in cold water.

One Mix Must Be Angel Food.

Then pop it into the microwave. When someone wants cake put 3 tablespoons of the mix. This orange frosting would work.

Seal The Bag And Then Shake Until The Two Mixes Are Completely Combined.

Place the butter and brown. 1 box of angel food cake mix and one box of any other flavor cake mix. You'll need two simple ingredients to make your mix:

Pour Both Boxes Of Cake Mix Into A Gallon Sized Sealable Storage Bag And Shake To Thoroughly Combine The Mixes.

(21 ratings) red velvet yogurt cake. Then take 2 table spoons of water, put in. To make an individual cake:

Microwave On High For About.

Put 3 tablespoons of the combined cake mix in a. Bake at 350 degrees for 10 to 12 minutes. Simply mix those two together in a big bowl.

To Make A Cake, Use Either A Microwave Safe Paper Cup Or A Mug.

Cook on high for 1 minute. If using a mug, lightly coat the inside. Measure 3 tablespoons of the dry cake mix and.


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